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The First Professional Resource Directory of Food, Beverages, and Restaurants for Los Angeles

"...the best single culinary source guide I know. And it can only get better."
John Thorne, Simple Cooking

"It is a helpful, clear directory to many o the cources we often refer to."
Gourmet Magazine

"You probably will never need to know half the things that are in it, but if you have any curiosity about comestibles, you probably won't want to be without it."
Ruth Reichl

"California's lovers of fine food have everything now..."
Linda Blandford, The London Guardian

"A sensational guide to food sources in L.A. I strongly recommend you take the time to order it."
Jay Weston, Jay Weston's Restaurant Newsletter

"...a MUST for everyone who eats! Like most good reference materials, the more you use it, the more you need it."
Peg Rahn, Pasadena Star News